1918 Detroit-Electric

The Detroit Electric developed from the Anderson Carriage Company and became one of the best-known and most successful builders of electrically powered automobiles. Electrics were ideal for local use and were the essence of simplicity to drive and maintain. This 1918 Brougham is refined and highly developed but still retains the quaint features -- tiller steering, front jump seat, bud vases, window shades and plush, comfortable upholstery -- which appealed to the ladies who were its best market. Finished in bright blue with black fenders, the upholstery is rich blue broadcloth. An opening windshield hinged at the top provides for ventilation and visibility even during rain. It rides on a set of Buffalo centerlock wire wheels, has chrome head and cowl lights, curved front and rear quarter windows, pull down window shades, an opening rear window (flow-through ventilation) and a swivel bucket seat on the left to facilitate conversation. An older restoration to good driving and local show condition, it has been carefully used and maintained in very presentable and attractive condition with abundant headroom and easy access through its center doors. A drawing room on wheels, it is an important artifact of the early automobile's development when steam and electricity competed with smelly, noisy internal combustion power to earn the trade of refined city dwellers.

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