1915 Milburn

One of many companies which made the transition from wagon and coach building to automobiles, the Milburn Wagon Company in Toledo began building electric vehicles in 1915, reporting manufacture of 1,000 in its first year. The company's ingenuity was demonstrated when it perfected removable battery packs which made installation of a fully charged set of batteries a simple swap process (and an idea which is being rejuvenated in recent times by fledgling electric vehicle manufacturers.) Like most electrics the Milburn market was urban consumers who appreciated clean, silent, simple operation without the smell and spill of steam and gasoline power. With a 40-50 mile range at a stately 15 mph, they were ideal for town use. This 1915 Milburn Light Coupe is exceptionally well preserved example which benefits from a fresh repaint and new varnish on its wooden door frames. The interior is the original striped brown cloth and it has original window curtains. The cowl lamps are nickel plated and both the front and rear windows open for ventilation. The interior is provided with a bench rear seat from which the operator controls the car, complemented by two rear-facing jump seats. It recently has been serviced and has a recent set of batteries and new tires. Its preservation is particularly significant yet it is fully functional and usable as a driver for tours or around town. It also would make a very attractive display in a museum or other collection where its tall, stately roofline and fine interior appointments complement the importance of its electric power and high degree of originality.

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