1931 Twin Coach Truck

Back in a simpler time, service was much different from today's morass of websites and offshore call centers reached only after navigating a labyrinth of telephone prompts. The milkman came by in the morning and dropped a quart or two -- probably with the cream risen to the top -- in an insulated box outside the kitchen door. A little later the bread man might come by; bringing a loaf fresh from the bakery and a few tempting sweet treats. Preservatives? Uh uh. They weren't necessary. They had specialized vehicles designed to make delivery fast and simple, and to be instantly recognized by potential customers as they drove down the street. It wasn't a fat margins business and the trucks were kept in service until they were worked to death. This 1954 Twin Coach is one of the few survivors, its boxy body distinctive and instantly recognizable as a route delivery vehicle. Its un-insulated construction indicates it was probably a bread delivery truck. It has been remarkably well maintained, as evidenced by the 13 year "Safe Driving Helmsman" plaque on the rear door, and preserved. Powered by a later GM small block V-8, with a distinctive standup driving position (no time lost in making deliveries), it is a very cool piece of American history from the 1950's. It runs and drives, is remarkably solid and even has its original horn to announce the approach of goodies to each block's housewives. It can be driven or displayed as is or restored to like new condition. "Good Humor" trucks are commonplace compared with this Twin Coach bread truck.

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