1930 Duesenberg J Murphy

The Duesenberg Model J is at the pinnacle of every car collector's list of the greatest classic cars. More than twice as powerful as its closest competitor when introduced in 1929, its short wheelbase chassis was comparable with the long wheelbase frames of competitors. Bodied by the aristocracy of American and European coachbuilders, each Duesenberg J was an expression of success, achievement and domination, capable of showing its heels to anything on the road even when bodied in posh elegance and excess. Walter M. Murphy in Pasadena bodied more J’s than any other coachbuilder and the Murphy designs reflect why: a combination of balance, proportion, color, hardware, finish and materials that perfectly complemented the Model J's power, prestige and performance. This short wheelbase 1930 Duesenberg Model J, chassis 2341, engine J-328, is bodied by Murphy with its attractive, versatile and practical convertible sedan coachwork with integrated trunk and dual side-mounts. While many Duesenberg’s, particularly with attractive open Murphy coachwork, have checkered histories this is a one-family from new owned car until just a few years ago. Bought by its most recent private owner from the son of the original owner, it has never been restored, instead being given mechanical and cosmetic attention as needed in its 75 year history. Paint work, upholstery and top have been done as needed, with mechanical work to suit but otherwise are as it was delivered by Duesenberg and Walter M. Murphy Coachworks in 1930. The original nuts and bolts that still hold its firewall and body to the frame were last tightened three quarters of a century ago. It looks like the Duesenberg’s Jim Hoe, James Leake and D. Cameron Peck bought off urban used car lots in the late 40's and early 50's. It has just been mechanically recommissioned and runs superbly. Finished in black with a polished aluminum hood -- an unusual livery even for Murphy -- the interior is upholstered in black leather protected by a black cloth top. It invites close scrutiny from the most demanding and well informed expert. It's really impossible to be too enthusiastic about this J, a once-in-a-lifetime find with impeccable history.

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