1970 Maserati Ghibli

Certain cars -- BJ8 Austin Healeys, 1934 Packards, Nash Healeys, 810/812 Cords, Facels, classic Cadillacs -- keep passing through our inventory. They're beautiful, powerful, intriguing or just beguiling cars that have class, style and inherent quality. Maserati Ghiblis show up less frequently, but that's because there aren't many of them. The Ghibli with its 4-cam V-8 engine, quartet of downdraft Weber carburetors, superb suspension, powerful brakes and sublime Giugiaro-designed, Bertone-built coachwork is one of the greatest Italian GTs. This 1970 Maserati Ghibli has 4.7 liter V-8 power and air conditioning. It doesn't appear to have been restored, just treated to a high quality repaint in red and new parchment leather upholstery at some time in the past which has been sympathetically maintained while see a little use. One of the most beautiful GTs ever conceived, its bodywork is a masterpiece of style, balance, design and aerodynamic efficiency. The design and generous interior room benefits from the proportions which its compact V-8 engine permitted. Light, crisp, unadorned and simple, it is a prime example of form and function merging to achieve true design excellence. The 4-cam Maserati V-8 gives it 170 mph performance to match. A Ghibli will never be upstaged by a Ferrari Daytona either on the road or on a show field and this sympathetically maintained, very presentable Ghibli needs nothing for its owner to appreciate its visual appeal and exceptional performance.

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