1907 Reo

Ransom Olds left Olds Motor Works in a dispute over market focus. When he was denied use of his name in his new company he chose his initials, REO, and made certain the legion of people who recognized the Olds name knew he was at REO. The first REOs were 2-cylinders but they were soon joined by a small, simple 7 1/2hp single competing directly with the original, simple Olds Model R Curved Dash. This 1907 runabout is rated 8 hp in the ALAM system and 10 brake horsepower and is liveried in red with gold coachlining, black leather and a black cloth top is equipped with red wood spoke wheels, black tires, brass headlights, a brass bulb horn on the steering column, a brass taillight and a wicker basket on the rear deck for tools, spares and lunch. The top is fitted with a clear plastic windscreen that rolls up and stows along the front of the top when it isn't needed for protection from the elements. It was restored a few years ago, has been driven and toured some and evidences some age while still being highly presentable. The paint and upholstery look good and it is ideal for brass and gas tours and other events. Edwardian era brass cars like this are a very different experience from their successors, rewarding their owners with new impressions and a whole new group of friends, colleagues and experiences both on tour and in shows. This 1907 REO is a great way to discover what the early days of motoring were like.

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