1906 Moline

There were many automobile manufacturers in the first decade of the 20th century but few of them could boast their leadership by an Assistant Professor of Engineering at one of America's great land grant colleges. Moline could do that, under the guidance of the University of Illinois' W.H. Vandervoort. The company's auspicious background was borne out in its products, rugged, practical 2- and 4-cylinder automobiles. Production was never high -- just 300 cars in 1906, the year this Model G twin was built -- and never exceeded 1,000 but the company kept abreast of developments eventually adopting the Knight sleeve valve system through its ultimate demise in 1924, a capitulation that arose from its inability to collect debts owed by the government for WWI expansion, not any shortcomings in its automobiles. One of very few Molines built and even fewer with the 16hp 2-cylinder engine, this 1906 Moline Model G Touring car has been restored to very high standards and is still exceptionally well presented and maintained. Loaded with brass including a Rushmore acetylene generator, acetylene headlights, kerosene sidelights, windshield frame, steering column, folded trumpet horn with flexible tube to the bulb, door handles, hinges and rear lamp, it could be brought back to show car condition with further attention to cosmetics and detailing. White rubber tires are mounted on red painted wood spoke wheels. The interior features a Warner speedometer. Finished in red with older black leather upholstery and a black cloth top, the front seats are individual buckets with a wide 3-passenger bench in the rear tonneau. An ideal mount for brass and gas tours that will be appreciated by both fellow participants and onlookers, this is an exceptionally unusual automobile that offers collectors who've done the muscle, sports and classic thing the opportunity for new experiences with a rare and unusual high quality American automobile.

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