1922 Rauch & Lang

The Rauch & Lang Company was established as a coachworks in Cleveland by Jacob Rauch in 1853 with Charles Lang joining Jacob's son Charles in 1884. Builders of fine carriages, they branched into selling Buffalo electrics and began production of their own electric cars in 1905. In 1907 they acquired Hernter Electric Co., becoming an integrated manufacturer and merging with cross-town rival Baker in 1915 while also continuing a larger business building bodies for other auto manufacturers. Among the last cars produced by Rauch & Lang in Cleveland before selling the automobile business to Raymond Deering in 1920 was this model B-36 Brougham, a fine example of the quality and luxury appointments of R&L's coachwork in blue with black fenders and grey broadcloth upholstery. A quality older restoration, it has new batteries and has been thoroughly serviced. The wood spoke wheels mount wide whitewall tires and the livery is handsomely set off by the brass lighting. The interior is worthy of the style's nickname "Cinderella," with tiller steering, a brass clock, bud vases and pull-down shades on all its windows, even the opening front windshield, for the ultimate in descrete, if hazardous, driving. Its controls are reliably mechanical with built-in safeguards, alleviating concern over unintended acceleration, a feature not shared with some modern electric and hybrid vehicles. It is titled as a 1922, although its serial number (90630) is within the range of 1919 R&L production. Attractive, elegant, silent, secure and unusual, it is ready to be used and enjoyed and will be appreciated wherever electric and hybrid cars gather today.

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