1905 Kiblinger

Kiblinger was one of the pioneering automobiles built in Auburn, Indiana. Kiblinger was established in the 1800's as a carriage manufacturer and was bought by William H. McIntyre in 1894 after the death of its founder. Local history records that under McIntyre's leadership Kiblinger soon began to build self-propelled automobiles, beginning series production in 1907. This Kiblinger has a most remarkable story: it was not built until 1952, having been shipped knocked-down to Glide, Oregon when new and never assembled until it was purchased from a Springfield, Oregon doctor in 1952, still in its original crate. Only the original 2-cylinder air cooled engine had been used, during WWII when it was pressed into service to run a water pump. Other than tires and the upholstery on its rudimentary seat it is as if it were transported nearly a half century in a cocoon before emerging. Since its metamorphosis it has been carefully preserved and featured in several articles which accompany it along with a letter from the 1952 buyer of the Kiblinger, Bill Crow. Also included is related mechanical information. Titled as a 1905, it may have been built before series Kiblinger production began, or simply mis-dated after being assembled in 1952. Its dating is insignificant in light of its documented history, literally a time capsule, although in this case the capsule was its original shipping crate. There will never be another similar opportunity.

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