1923 LaFrance Brockway Firetruck

This is a rare example of the LaFrance Brockway Torpedo combination fire truck. Frequently re-purposed into cut down, two-seat "Speed Car" form, this example has been impressively restored, is completely equipped and is perfect for parade use as well as a star at any gathering of historic fire equipment. One of its especially neat features is that it's small enough to fit in a large garage or among a collection without taking up too much room, adding an unusual and attractive dimension to the hobby. Equipment includes large brass chemical tanks under the driver's and passenger's seat, pump, suction hoses, large hose reel atop the body, an abundance of brass nozzles, extinguishers and accessories, spotlights, tool boxes, hand cranked siren, large bell, kerosene lanterns and ladders. The rear bed is open and large enough to hold the Homecoming Queen and her court, or several dens of Cub Scouts or Brownies. Popular with rural departments, it is capable of about 40mph for quick response to distant fires. The restoration is impressive and shiny, from the brass radiator and Motometer to the rear platform and handholds. It will attract positive attention from young and old and is ideal for a fire equipment collection but perhaps best suited for a growing collection seeking to diversify and facilitate added activities and displays.

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