1924 McFarlan Limo

The McFarlan Company was at the core of Indiana's early growth as an automobile manufacturing center. John McFarlan began manufacturing carriages in Connersville in 1856. The first McFarlan automobile was brought to life by his grandson Harry in 1909. In the Labor Day races at Indianapolis in 1910 two McFarlans finished in the top five in both heats. If Harry McFarlan had Harry Stutz's gift for promotion he could have pre-empted the "Made Good in a Day" slogan. He didn't, however, and McFarlan instead concentrated on building a few, never more than 278 in a year, luxurious, high quality automobiles graced with McFarlan's own high quality coachwork. Although McFarlan passed from the scene in 1928, its facilities became the core of Cord Corporation's Connersville operation, supplying coachwork for Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg. In 1921 McFarlan introduced its own engine, the fabulous Twin Valve Six which powers this 1924 Suburban Sedan. Displacing 573 cubic inches, it boasted four valves per cylinder, eighteen spark plugs, pressure lubrication and 120 horsepower. This car was owned by Warner Brother’s studios prior to becoming part of the famed Harrah's collection until 1984. Later it was owned by the Imperial Palace and by Charles LeMaitre. Each of its owners has carefully preserved it in highly original and very presentable condition for decades. Finished in Green and Black with Black fenders, it is upholstered in Black leather up front and fine grey cord material in the rear. It has painted wire wheels, dual side-mounted spares, a dramatically raked windshield with opening top panel, sun visor, cowl lights, Vesta drum headlights, and a McFarlan branded Motometer. The interior boasts rollup window shades and division window. The front upholstery has been redone at some point and it probably has been repainted but otherwise is original while having benefited from mechanical and cosmetic attention as needed throughout its life. The original upholstery and trim in the rear compartment is sound, with no rips or tears. In 1924 it was offered by McFarlan at the fairly astronomical price of $7,300 which may account for McFarlan's modest production total of just 278 cars of all models and body styles that year. A rare and nearly forgotten marque of the highest quality, this McFarlan TV Six Suburban has important Harrah's provenance and deserves to join a collection where it will be shown actively to re-establish the recognition of this significant, quality marque.

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