1933 Marmon Sixteen

The Marmon Sixteen is one of the pinnacles of classic car design. Conceived from Colonel Howard Marmon's determination to restore the luster of the marque which had proudly borne his name, the Sixteen surpassed everything and anything that purported to define automotive success when it was introduced in November 1930. Sixteen cylinders, 491 cubic inches with a narrow 45 degree vee-angle and overhead valves, aluminum block, heads and crankcase with steel cylinder sleeves, it made 200 horsepower and massive torque that can only be guessed at today. Its chassis broke no new ground but instead was a compendium of the best and most proven, refined practices of the day. Colonel Marmon entrusted the basic coachwork design for his masterpiece to one of the era's most respected industrial designers, Walter Dorwin Teague, who in turn looked to his son, still a student at MIT, to interpret the Marmon Sixteen in the most modern and refined terms. The combination of talents produced a masterpiece of Machine Age design, the idiom of the Thirties that has made legends of designers like Teague, Loewy, Earl, Stone, Bel Geddes, Fuller, Rhode and Wright, that is still recognized as one of the milestones of the period. The 7-passenger four-door sedan like this exceptional example is a masterpiece of simplicity and form following function. Its simplicity and elegance sets it apart even from its famed contemporaries from Cadillac, Duesenberg, Packard, Hispano-Suiza and Rolls-Royce. This Marmon Sixteen was once part of William Harrah's famed collection, acquired by him in 1965, and then passing through a succession of famed collectors from 1978 until it was restored for John Klein in 1993. It earned its CCCA Senior badge and Grand Classic First Primary award in 1994 and is accompanied by a comprehensive documentation file including Harrah's Collection's fabled notes on history and condition, some original blank Marmon letterhead, technical data, service records, Concours and restoration photos, manuals and books, a compendium of research, history and reference material which is unmatched. Finished in medium blue with dark blue fenders and wire wheels with chrome lock rings and hubcaps and grey wool upholstery, it has dual enclosed side-mounts with chrome bands and rear view mirrors, a luggage trunk, Depress Beam headlamps, twin trumpet horns, jump seats, chrome robe rail and rollup shades on the rear quarter windows and rear window. A pair of unusual roof-mounted folding interior sun visors set off the mechanical efficiency of the driver's compartment and instruments. It doesn't appear to have been used or driven at all since it was restored and is a remarkable example of a top quality automobile which has had a top quality restoration, little use or exposure and the finest care, attention, maintenance and preservation. Fewer than 400 Marmon Sixteens were built in all body styles. Each is the finest of its kind in concept, design, performance, coachwork and materials. This seven-passenger sedan has been restored and preserved to standards that Colonel Howard Marmon would have approved.

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