1926 Duesenberg Model A

The Duesenberg brothers, Fred and Augie, were among America's most successful builders of racing cars and high performance engines in the years before and after the Great War. After the war they returned to the race tracks with a single overhead camshaft inline eight. Its success solidified their reputation. They capitalized on it with the introduction of the Duesenberg Model A. As if its single overhead camshaft straight eight weren't enough Fred Duesenberg recognized the inherent superiority of 4-wheel hydraulically actuated brakes and included them in the production specification, the first American production car to employ them -- at a time when many other respected marques didn't even offer front wheel braking. Only about 500 Duesenberg Model As were built before the company was taken over by E.L. Cord and began design and production of the twin cam Duesenberg Model J, but these exceptionally well designed and constructed Model As were the bed upon which the great Model J was conceived. This 1926 Duesenberg Model A is a very well-known and probably unique example with close coupled four-passenger coupe coachwork by George W. McNear of Boston. It is pictured in Fred Roe's "Duesenberg -- The Pursuit of Perfection" and other books and magazines and has a number of important elements including the tightly curved front fenders, padded roof. Luggage trunk tucked between the rear fenders behind the tightly packaged passenger compartment, wire wheels and complicated raked windshield with fixed visor for maximum driver's visibility and minimum distracting reflections. Finished in Green with Black fenders it has a distinctive Green leather covered roof and matching Green leather interior with elaborate interior woodwork including a coffered ceiling. The interior is equipped with pull-down shades on the side and rear windows, a clock and opening panel in the windshield. Its whereabouts have been known since the 40's. It is Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club Category 1 certified and a CCCA National First Prize winning restoration that has been carefully preserved and maintained in excellent condition. It is an important milestone in Duesenberg history, even more desirable on account of its rare and distinctive close coupled 4-passenger coupe coachwork.

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