1920 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

There is perhaps no series of automobile more famed than the 40/50hp Rolls-Royce built from 1906 until it was succeeded by the New Phantom in 1925. Christened the Silver Ghost after that car's epic performance in the 1907 2,000 miles trial, the 40/50hp Rolls-Royce benefited from the company's assiduous adherence to a single model policy that focused all its efforts on designing, building and refining that model. Then and now it deserves its reputation for silence, reliability and quality. This magnificent 1920 YE-series Rolls-Royce combined the Silver Ghost's refined chassis and drivetrain with Limousine coachwork by Rippon Bros., Britain's oldest coachbuilder tracing its history to 1555 and claiming to have built the first carriage in Britain. The firm's work was the highest quality in Britain, offering details, fixtures, trim and construction that were second to none. In this case it has received a restoration that is appropriate to the original quality of the chassis and body. A four-door limousine, it is unusually proportioned and equipped including a huge vee windshield with an opening top section on the driver's side. A sliding divider window separates the black leather upholstered seating for the chauffeur and attendants in the front from the rear compartment upholstered in dark blue-grey cloth with generously embroidered grey trim. The passengers are coddled with pull-down window shades, interior lighting, mesh bags for hats, jump seats for occasional passengers, a shelf below the division window and an opening glass hatch in the roof for sunlight and ventilation. SEV headlights, nickel plated cowl lights, running board mounted tool boxes, trunk rack, steamer-style cowl vents and a prominent trumpet horn with long flexible tube running from the rubber bulb leave no doubt among onlookers that this is a luxury automobile of the highest order. The exterior is finished in blue with black fenders and accents and has blackwall tires mounted on black painted wire wheels. It is the epitome of understated elegance and its restoration, preservation and presentation are consistent with its innate character. This is a superb example of one of the world's finest automobiles that will occupy a deserved place of honor in the finest collections.

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