1963 Rolls-Royce Phantom V

Introduced in 1959 to replace the Silver Wraith, Rolls-Royce revived a storied name when it created the Phantom V. Based on a conventional frame and separate body structure; the PV provided an ideal basis for coachbuilders to create luxurious custom bodywork. There was no standard Rolls-Royce body for the PV, each was custom built by James Young, Hooper, Park Ward and others. One of the first to take advantage of the Phantom V was the Queen. Not surprisingly, in its ten years in production, from 1959 through 1968, only 832 were built. This luxurious Touring Limousine was built by Rolls-Royce to U.S. left-hand drive specs and bodied by James Young. It comes with a long history including a copy of its original build card. Finished in Midnight Blue with Grey leather in the front compartment and Grey cloth in the rear, it has been done right throughout, even under the hood, exactly the sort of consistent, professional maintenance expected for one of the finest automobiles in the world. It is outfitted with power windows, a power division window, footrests, reading lights and a cocktail cabinet completely stocked with decanters and glasses. It is what is expected from such a marvelous automobile and is every bit as elegant and impressive today as when it was built over forty years ago. Class never goes out of fashion.

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