1930 Cadillac

From 1915 right up to the present day Cadillacs have been distinguished by one continuous factor, power from a smooth, reliable V-8 engine. Designed under Henry Leland's direction, the initial Cadillac V-8s displaced 314 cubic inches. Their cylinders were placed directly opposite each other, sharing crankshaft throws with "fork and blade" connecting rods. In 1928 it was redesigned around offset blocks that displaced 341 cubic inches and in 1930 grew once again to 353 cubic inches with rated output of 96 brake horsepower. Cadillac under the leadership of Larry Fisher became one of the most refined and sophisticated users of Harley Earl's Art & Colour Department's design skills. This 1930 Cadillac 353 V-8 Convertible Coupe is a beautiful example of the quality and talent that Cadillac enjoyed in its construction and design. Finished in two-tone Beige with Orange coachlines and wire wheels, the interior is upholstered in matching light Beige leather. Likewise, the top is light Beige cloth piped in darker Beige matching the body accent and fenders. It has been the recipient of a complete, Concours-level restoration for one of the country's premier Cadillac collections, runs beautifully and has been freshly detailed and fitted with new tires. It is beautifully and extensively equipped including Pilot-Ray driving lights, dual side-mounted spare tires with metal enclosures and rear view mirrors, a radiator stone guard, Goddess radiator cap mascot, wide whitewall tires and rear-mounted luggage trunk. It has been freshly detailed throughout with particular attention paid to the engine and has recently been displayed at the Hickory Corners Concours. A beautiful statement of design, execution, elegance and exclusivity, it is ready to be driven or shown with pride and confidence. It's that good.

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