1936 Rolls-Royce 25/30

The 25/30hp Rolls-Royce reflected the logical culmination of the "small" Rolls-Royce engine which started with the Twenty in 1922 (3,127cc) finally increasing displacement of the overhead valve six-cylinder engine to 4,257cc (260 cubic inches) in the 25/30 in 1936. It produced something like 85 horsepower and its power - and more importantly its torque - was sufficient even for the increasingly luxurious and well-equipped closed coachwork of the later Thirties. Discovered recently in storage in Missouri, this 1936 Rolls-Royce 25/30hp is from the model's first year. It bears elegant and practical alloy-bodied limousine coachwork by the Manchester firm of Joseph Cockshoot & Co. Cockshoot had been in business since 1724, in the early years of the reign of George II. Researchers at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, England, which preserves the Joseph Cockshoot archives, have determined that this car, Order Number 1134, was completed in October 1936 and was immediately thereafter displayed at the Olympia Motor Show in London before being delivered to its first owner. It is outfitted with a very unusual sunroof, a folding trunk rack with leather covered trunk containing fitted luggage, rollup divider window, jump seats and the other accoutrements of Thirties' luxury touring. It is attractively finished in blue over medium grey with black fenders. The interior is upholstered with beige broadcloth upholstery to the rear compartment and is richly accented with polished burlwood trim that give the rear compartment and instrument panel the atmosphere of a fine gentlemen's club. The exterior is introduced by an imposing set of headlamps, a single driving lamp, dual horns, fender mounted mirrors and dual side-mounted spares which along with the road wheels mount wide whitewall tires on black painted wire wheels. The Cockshoot coachwork is tall, elegant and formal, with large rear quarter windows. Dispensing with the luggage trunk in town; its rack folds up into a recess at the rear of the body to achieve the look of a formal town car. This dual-purpose appearance and the commodious interior dimensions of the coachwork make it a highly adaptable Rolls-Royce.

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