1969 Porsche 911 E Targa

Only a few years after the 911 was introduced in 1965, the 911E became the first fuel injected Porsche 911 when it was introduced in 1969, a 2-litre (1,991cc) refinement with Bosch mechanical injection which increased horsepower from the 911T's 125hp to 158hp and added 8 lb-ft torque at the same time. It foreshadowed the future of Porsche. Debuting just a year before was Porsche's innovative "Targa" design with a full width roll bar and integrated removable roof panel. The combination 1969 911E Targa is one of Porsche's most important and significant models, implying the future not only of Porsche's fuel injected flat six engines but also the 911 series' diverse body styles. This beautiful example is presented in very pretty, tidy, clean and nice condition. Not restored but very attractive, clean and thoughtfully presented, it has good paint and interior. Outfitted with Fuchs-style light alloy wheels, Firestone tires and a later Pioneer CD stereo it has a full tool roll and is both attractive and unusual in Light Chartreuse with Black vinyl interior. A straight, pretty, usable car, it is a particularly significant survivor of the early years of the most important and long-lived series of sports cars ever built, the Porsche 911. It's also a lot of fun to drive.

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