1914 Ford Model T

Henry's Model T may well be the most adaptable vehicle ever built. Its combination of simplicity and ruggedness encouraged Flivver owners to create Model T’s for specific purposes as diverse as the owners' occupations. Many successful companies were built on the principal of adapting Model T’s or providing specialized body kits for owners to make their own adaptations. Rarely was one as beautifully done as this gorgeous brass radiator 1914 Model T Screenside Delivery, a gorgeous restoration done to Concours standards of fit, finish and function and thoroughly accessorized. Finished in Dark Green with Black fenders and running boards, Red coachlines and Black upholstery, it not only has the screenside body but comes with a complete set of side curtains to protect the cargo (but not the driver) from the elements. There is a brass trumpet bulb horn and the brass acetylene headlights in bell-shaped shells are Ford-script by E&J. There are kerosene cowl lights and a folding windshield. White rubber tires ride on Red painted Buffalo wire wheels. A spare tire is mounted in the varnished wood bed and it has an electric starter. The seat side is gold lettered "Ford Sales Service" but could as easily advertise any business to advantage. This is a gorgeous, spectacular piece of restoration done by professionals to the highest standards of appearance and performance and a rare and whimsical commercial body that exemplifies the diversity and adaptability of the Ford Model T.

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