1957 Cadillac Eldorado

The 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham was one of the most important automobiles of the post-WWII era. It combined Cadillac's luxurious chassis, powerful V8 engine and an advanced air-spring suspension with individually-crafted bodies conceived by Harley Earl, designed by Ed Glowacke and individually hand built at Cadillac. The special Eldorado engine had dual four-barrel carbs and was rated 325 horsepower. The 4-door hardtop Eldorado Brougham has suicide rear doors, brushed stainless steel roof and every possible option, accessory and convenience feature. It sold for over $13,000 -- at the time nearly enough to buy a matched pair of Eldorado Biarritz coupe and convertible -- and cost even more to build. Cadillac made only 400. It was instantly recognized as a classic. Extremely expensive to restore properly, the very best Eldorado Broughams are like this one, a carefully and consistently maintained largely original that has been repainted in White and reupholstered in very attractive Tan leather. The Eldorado Brougham's Achilles heel was its air suspension system which had been replaced with springs on this car. The engine compartment is complete, including the "bat wing" air filter housing, and very nicely detailed. The chrome (of which there is plenty) is very nice, as is the brushed stainless steel roof. In addition to factory-installed air conditioning it has silver-finished "Sabre" forged aluminum wheels that beautifully complement the White paint and stainless steel roof. This Eldorado Brougham is exceptionally original and well maintained, characteristics which make it a much better car than most of its 399 counterparts, many of which have suffered erratic restorations.

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