1936 Packard 12

Luxury marques' response to the onset of the Great Depression was, well, curious. They introduced even bigger, more luxurious, highly complex models. Packard was no exception, adding the Twin Six to its Ninth Series in 1932. It became simply the Twelve in 1933, becoming one of the paragons of silent, smooth, silky power and performance. The 67 degree L-head engine displaced 473 cubic inches and was good for 175 horsepower in a package that retailed for some $800 more than the 14th series Eights in 1937. Many of its body designs were created by Ray Dietrich while he was at Murray, including the elegant and sporting dual cowl phaeton coachwork on this this 1936 Ninth Series Twelve. The history of this car begins about a quarter century ago when it was sold by legendary dealer Tom Barrett. Careful inspection supports the view that the body is an original period piece, including an original Dietrich body tag (#9219104) on old wooden floor components. The rear cowl section likewise is old, and the engine and chassis are correctly together from new however the data tag on the firewall is a reproduction. Regardless of its origins it is a wonderful old Twelve with correct chassis, driveline and period-origin body of the most desirable, sporting, and classically proportioned design. It runs and drives beautifully, as the mid-Thirties Packard Twelves are widely renowned for doing. It is an exceptional ride on tours and events and is acceptable at any of the many tours that make owning a high quality, multi-cylinder classic Packard Twelve a particularly rewarding and gratifying experience.

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