1948 Allard Coupe

While the cycle-fendered J2s are the popular image of Allard automobiles, it was more practical but still sporting and attractive cars like this P type 2-door coupe that were the basis of Allard's early success and provided the cash flow which let Sydney Allard pursue the competition development which resulted in the J2, J2X and J2R. Looking at this 1948 P type Saloon it's not hard to see why the Allard M Drophead coupes and P saloons were successful. Their teardrop front fenders with built in headlights, curved roofline, and envelope rear fenders were timely, attractive and shared some design elements with dramatic streamlined coupes from Bugatti, Chapron and Figoni et Falaschi. Powered by Ford flathead V-8s or larger Mercury V-8s (obtained from British Army war surplus!), the P type featured rollup windows, large quarter windows and a full width windshield. Today they are rare and unusual examples of an important early postwar collaboration between British tuners and chassis builders and American engine makers which first enjoyed competition success with the Cadillac V-8 powered Allard J2s of Tommy Cole and later with immortal collaborations like the Ford GT40 and Lotus-Ford Indy and Grand Prix cars. This example is a good, sound driver with 59A Mercury 95hp power and 3-speed transmission. It is in 2-seat configuration with the interior rear upholstered but without seating. The rear wheels are skirted and it has trafficator turn signal semaphores. The paint, interior, body, chrome and the ample interior wood trim typical of quality British cars of the period are all in sound, attractive and usable condition. There are few of these left, and one like this that has survived in sound and largely unmolested condition will make a positive statement on tours, events and weekend shows.

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