1938 Rolls-Royce Phantom III

The Phantom III is the pinnacle of Rolls-Royce luxury, an extremely limited production design powered by a giant (7,338cc) overhead valve V-12 engine with many features directly derived from Rolls-Royce's successful aero engine experience. Introduced in 1936, it would stay in production for only four years, with only 710 built during that period. It has independent front suspension, four-wheel servo-assisted brakes, dual coil ignition and a four-speed transmission. All were bodied by the finest coachbuilders, including chassis 3CP106 which was purchased in mid-1937 by coachbuilder Joseph Cockshoot & Co. against an anticipated order. When the order did not materialize ownership passed to Hooper & Co. which bodied it with the luxurious limousine coachwork it still retains today. It was purchased in July 1938 by Rolls-Royce's U.S. agent J.S. Inskip, Inc. and was acquired upon arrival in the U.S. by Henry McSweeney, President of the U.S. Potash Company. It remained in the McSweeney family until 1959 when it was traded back to Inskip. After passing through several intermediate owners, it became an important part of the famed collection of Georgia carpet magnate Ed Weaver in the late Eighties, and then passed to the Stone Mountain Museum, also in Georgia, in 1995 after Weaver's death. The present owner acquired it from the museum last year. Finished in Blue with Black fenders as it was when first constructed by Hooper in 1938, it has black leather to the front and grey broadcloth in the rear compartment. It is provided with a sliding divider window, jump seats, huge Lucas headlights, a single passing light, dual side-mounted spare wheels and wide whitewall tires. Finely finished wood veneers appoint its interior, providing the final element to its impression of subtle elegance, quality and grace. It was restored some time ago to very high standards and has been carefully maintained by noted collections since while receiving little use. In very good, orderly condition, it will continue to attract favorable attention and comment from the most discerning collectors and onlookers.

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