1920 Milburn

The Milburn Electric's innovation addressed the shortcoming of all electrically powered automobiles, the battery pack's limited range, by mounting the batteries on a tray on rollers which made it easy to swap out one set of batteries for a freshly charged set. While the Milburn 27L's speed was modest, its range of 50-75 miles was more than sufficient for use around town, especially if it wasn't necessary to use the lights. This 27L Light Electric Brougham is a remarkably usable and practical example, even today. Its left-hand drive tiller steering is simple and intuitive and it is nicely equipped with Grey pinstriped cloth upholstery and interior trim, opening windows, windshield sun visor and light cream colored rubber tires that attractively set off its conservative black paint. A very nicely done and preserved old restoration it has been museum displayed for years. It will be a simple and straightforward process to return it to the road and show field.

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