1931 Chrysler CG

When Walter P. Chrysler set out on his own in 1924 he owed nothing to the established design terms of American automobiles. As a result, his cars plowed new ground, adopting the best practices of his competitors and declining to follow their lead in design, engineering or styling. Through the balance of the Twenties Chryslers were, and looked, different from their competition but at the beginning of the decade of the 1930's Chryslers took on an entirely new look. They were long, low, and sleek. Their hoods were nearly hidden between their fenders. Design innovation swamped the line as changes emerged in a succession of revisions unrelated to model years. This 1931 CG Imperial is a perfect example, a mid-year carryover that was introduced in mid-1931 with advanced features including hydraulic brakes, dual opening windshields, vee radiator, 4-speed gearbox and four-point flexible engine mounting. It was, by any measure, the most advanced of all 1931 luxury eights. The CG eight had 385 cubic inches and made 125 horsepower at a modest 3200 rpm. Modern and built to Walter Chrysler's high standards, many collectors consider the CG Imperials the most balanced and beautiful Chryslers ever built -- which in effect means they are among the most beautiful and well-proportioned of all CCCA-recognized Classics. This 1931 CG Imperial Club Sedan has another important attribute -- aside from its quality restoration. Believed to have been sold in Chicago when new, it was fitted at some point with a surreptitious tank within its chassis frame. Unconnected to the fuel, lubrication or cooling system of the Chrysler, it is believed that the tank may have at one time served to transport illicit alcohol products. The car, bodied by Chrysler's regular sedan supplier Briggs, was restored in 1999 to a very high standard with a two tone brown and beige exterior color scheme and luxurious beige cloth interior piped in brown that complements the exterior livery. It had dual side-mounts with chrome enclosures, wind wings, wire wheels painted body color, wide whitewalls, dual windshield wipers and a luggage trunk. The interior handles are gold plated -- which must have really annoyed any Revenue Agents who might have stopped it in search of contraband. A handsome automobile in a body style that has survived in very small numbers, it has a story to tell and although no one will ever definitively establish its history, the speculation will be as fascinating as this exceptionally well restored and attractive Club Sedan is.

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