1920 Ford Model T Roadster

Henry Ford's Model T defies many of the stereotypes of car collecting, which typically involve the luxurious, exotic, rare and unusual. The Model T is the antithesis of all these attributes, being essentially elemental, common and utilitarian. There is, however, no more cherished collector car than the Model T. Its appeal has survived the generations who grew up with it and carried over to new generations of collectors who appreciate its singular importance to the automobile's history: The Model T is the car that put the world on wheels. This 1919 black radiator Model T has been well restored with a black vinyl top, wood spoke wheels, a windshield-mounted brass spotlight, cowl lamps and an accordion-style luggage fence on the driver's running board. The body is all steel. Universally appreciated by collectors, historians and onlookers, every collector and collection needs to have the Model T experience at least for a year or two, and this is an ideal way to gain that exposure.

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