1937 Cord SC Phaeton

There is perhaps no more influential and dramatically memorable automobile of the Thirties than the Cord 810/812. Built for only two years in 1936 and 1937, the Cord design created by Gordon Buehrig redefined the automobile in a fashion that would only become apparent a few years later when Harley Earl's Cadillac Sixty Special picked up on the clean, subtle design elements of Buehrig's Cord. Fabulously expensive Duesenberg’s, multi-cylinder Cadillac’s, Packard’s and Marmon’s had less effect upon consumers' perceptions of advanced automobiles than the $2,000 Cords. This genuine original supercharged 1937 Cord 812 Phaeton is finished in Cigarette Cream (that was what it was called in those less politically correct days) with Oxblood leather interior and Black cloth top. It is a Classic Car Club of America National First Prize winning restoration that runs and drives like it was new. Restored and done right without being overdone, it is a gorgeous example. Fastidiously detailed and straight, correct and proper, the Cord has been shown and driven with pride and satisfaction. The centrifugal supercharger favored by Cord's associates at Duesenberg added 45 horsepower and combined with the smooth-shifting pre-selector gearbox gave the Cord 812 S/C performance that matched the futuristic, streamlined design of its bodies. The Big Three's cars of two decades later compared weakly (or worse) with the design, performance and sophistication the Cord 812 supercharged phaeton of 1937 which abundantly explains why these exceptionally advanced Cords have been collectors' favorites for generations. Few; if any; of them have been restored and maintained to the standards of this 1937 812 S/C Phaeton.

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