1955 MG Arnolt Coupe

Stanley Arnolt was known to one and all as "Wacky", but in business acumen and drive he was anything but wacky. He built a successful manufacturing business in Chicago during the late 30's and the war years, then turned his attention to automobiles, becoming an importer for MG. He had a sense of style and upon seeing Nuccio Bertone's concept for attractive coupes and cabriolets on MG TD chassis he contracted for 200. Eventually only 103 were built before MG changed over to the TF but the attractive design, comfort and quality of the Arnolt-MGs has made them favorites among collectors. This 1955 model comes from the estate of a longtime MG collector and has, according to the prior owner, only 42,559 miles; a statement which is borne out by the car's condition. In addition, its 54hp XPAG engine has been fitted with a belt-driven Shorrock supercharger that can bring the power up to nearly 70hp. It evidences exceptional care and attention and is fitted with five chrome wire wheels with Michelin XZX radial tires, a Pioneer cassette stereo, wood rim steering wheel, polished aluminum brake drums, Marchal headlights and matching Marchal driving lights in the front facia. The trunk carpet appears to be original. Finished in Black, it has a Tan interior and carpets and overall evidences consistent care, careful use and an experienced, thoughtful owner who appreciated driving and enjoying his Arnolt-MG. Only 67 of these lovely coupes were built. Its new owner entree will be welcomed into the large community of enthusiastic MG T-series owners. In addition it is an important example of distinctive postwar Italian style. Wacky Arnolt's MG project kept Bertone in business, giving legendary designers like Nuccio Bertone, Giovanni Michellotti and Franco Scaglione the medium to translate their creativity into reality.

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