1930 Ford Model A

In the late 20's Henry Ford finally accepted that this beloved Model T, despite years of steady improvements, restylings and upgrades, no longer matched up with its competitors. The next model was so substantially different that Henry went back to the beginning for its model designation, Model A. It still had a four-cylinder engine but now had a conventional 3-speed sliding gear transmission. The body was redesigned to be more modern. Ford still offered many body styles but today one of the most appreciated by collectors is the 8-passenger station wagon or, as it was sometimes known, depot hack. The wood bodies with maple frames and birch panels are a delightful organic complement to the stolid mechanical functionality of the Model A's hood, fenders and running boards. This handsome 1930 Model A Station Wagon is painted black with contrasting red wire wheels and a beautifully finished wood body assembled during restoration from a New Old Stock station wagon body package. Practical and attractive, it has an opening windshield, single windshield wiper and two seats with the rear area left open for cargo. A handsome vehicle, it will be a welcome participant at Ford, woodie wagon and period events where its combination of Ford strength, reliability and style with the beautiful varnished wood bodywork will attract continuous favorable attention.

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