1973 Volkswagen Thing

One of the most unusual vehicles of the Seventies was the Volkswagen Type 181 known as the "Thing". It was a direct descendent of the World War II Kubelwagen, designed for rough roads in underdeveloped markets. Based on the Type 1 Beetle floor pan, suspension and drivetrain with their proven reliability and ready availability of parts and service, the Thing proved at least as popular in the U.S. as in the rural markets for which it was intended but it had a limited run before it was rendered unsalable by evolving U.S. regulations. Built with simple flat body panels, a folding windshield, removable doors and rudimentary weather protection, the Thing was popular with surfers, campers and off-road drivers. This 1973 Thing has exceptional paint in a Zebra stripe pattern and a great Black vinyl interior and top. It has a luggage rack on the nose, a folding soft top and the 1,699cc engine which was standard for Things. It is thoroughly and completely redone, in every respect better than when it was built. An attention-getting vehicle on the road or in a car show, it will be proudly driven by anyone. A kid or grandchild driven to school in this Zebra Thing will be the envy of classmates and teachers.

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