1925 Ford Model T

Henry Ford never intended his Model T to be anything but an automobile. Admittedly "automobile" in the first decade of the last century was ill-defined, but owners, vendors, competitors and others adapted the basic Model T to any number of applications, from tractors and sawmills to trucks and busses. The Model T's basic advantages were strength and simplicity and ingenious, entrepreneurial mechanics hurried to make more of them than Henry intended. Henry responded by adding trucks to the Model T lineup. This Model T C-cab stake bed truck is an excellent example. Ruggedly built for rugged drivers who had been teamsters only a few years before, it’s characteristic "C-cab" offered minimal protection from the elements. The flatbed cargo body with stake sides is adaptable to a variety of cargoes. It is beautifully finished with a Blue cab, Black fenders and hood and brightly varnished wood bed, sideboards and wheel spokes. Even the battens on the lower side of the cab roof are brightly varnished. It has electric starting for convenience. Paint your company or store name on the side, travel to truck or period gatherings and enjoy the introductions this truck will make to new friends, colleagues and customers. Any collector will be proud to be seen in it.

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