1953 Allard K3

Sydney Allard was a hot-rodder. He had the knack of putting bigger engines into Ford chassis, starting with a Model A. A. He would have been right at home in sunny Southern California, but he was in England. A series of specials and some wartime defense-related experimentation resulted in the postwar J1 and J2/J2X competition cars in 1946. The K3, introduced in late 1952 had a 100" wheelbase, envelope body and full weather protection for touring. K3 chassis 3166 was only the third one built. Configured for Chrysler V8 power, it came to the U.S. without an engine and it was bought by Frank Pohanka, Jr., the son of a Washington, D.C. dealership owner, who installed a high performance Oldsmobile. It may have been raced in early SCCA events because later Pohanka was a competitor in the mid-Fifties but its history isn't known today. The K3 was unusual among Allards for its deDion rear axle, in this case 3.55 ratio. This one was professionally and comprehensively prepared by its prior owner for long distance tours and high speed road events where its 100" wheelbase and wide 3-passenger seat are ideally suited and comfortable for all but the tallest occupants. Still Oldsmobile powered, it has three 2-barrel carbs on an Edelbrock intake, a 3-speed manual transmission, silver-painted wire wheels including the spare and a three-point bolt-in roll bar. It is equipped with a top, rollup windows and is -- perhaps uniquely -- adorned with a custom chrome tubing grille with an "A" which is believed to be original, a split windshield, banjo spoke steering wheel, dual fuel tanks and a rear bumper. Painted White with a Red interior, it has been restored, prepared and maintained to the highest standards. The engine is freshly rebuilt and the condition throughout is exceptional. For road events -- particularly those like the Colorado Grand where weather is a consideration -- this Allard K3 is the ideal ride. It even has a heater, but when its tuned Olds fires up there is no mistaking this Allard K3 for anything but a competition car.

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