1939 Cadillac V16 Fleetwood Convertible

By 1937 Cadillac V12 and V16 volume had shrunk to a trickle but Cadillac surprised everyone in 1938 by introducing a brand new and very different V16. With a 135 degree angle between the cylinders and side valve heads, it was more compact, lighter, simpler and more powerful. The shorter V16 block fit in the V8 chassis. The Series 90 V16 Cadillac is one of the rarest of all classic Cadillacs. In production for only three years, just 514 in all body styles were built. The coachwork is attributed to Bill Mitchell and features imposing chrome grilles and distinctive teardrop-shaped chrome fender accents mirroring the hood side vents. Only four Series 90 V16 Convertible Sedans were built by Fleetwood. So rare are they that this magnificent automobile was built during restoration on a V8 chassis by carefully fitting the 431 cubic inch V16 engine (#5290025), front sheet metal and decoration from a Touring Sedan. The workmanship is excellent throughout. Finished in Burgundy with matching leather upholstery, door panels, carpets and trunk lining, the interior is completed to Imperial specifications with a rollup divider window and features beautifully finished wood trim with a fine clock set in the divider capping. It is accessorized with a radio and a pair of Trippe driving lights and optional enclosed dual side-mounted spares topped with rear view mirrors. This is an automobile of the highest quality, with luxurious appointments, surprising highway performance and imposing presence.

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