1970 Gianini Monza Spyder

This example is probably the sole survivor of only two Giannini Monza’s built and is an important example of the complex relationships among Italian manufacturers, tuners and coachbuilders. The basis of the Giannini Monza is the Fiat 850. It was brought to a high state of tune and performance by Carlo Lombardi, an established tuner of Fiats, and sold as the Lombardi Grand Prix with 52hp engine. The Lombardi-modified Grand Prix was, in turn, further modified by Domenico and Attilio Giannini's Carrozzeria Giannini, who extracted something like 70 brake horsepower from the diminutive but strong little Fiat. Its dramatically restyled Targa style coachwork was the product of the Giannini's design and construction and worked a complete transformation on the chunky Fiat 850 sedan. Its sharp noes, sculpted flanks and raised rear deck are definitive statements of Seventies Italian design. Its integral roll bar contains a rollup rear window, adds rigidity to the Fiat 850-based platform chassis and also serves at the rear of the removable roof panel. The interior dramatically places the suite of gauges in a center binnacle in between the one piece seats and floor mounted shifter. It was discovered by a prior owner about eight years ago in an important California collection. In largely original condition, it was then given a complete restoration to the present exceptional condition. Its appearance is particularly dramatic and effective in the Black livery which complements the body development. The Black interior is set off by bright Red center inserts in the seats. Only two of these Giannini Monza’s are believed to have been built and this is the only known survivor. It will bring diversity to any collection and will be a highlight at any Italian car show, to say nothing of headlining exhibits of Italian coachwork. A running, driving concept car, this is a rare opportunity to acquire something that is demonstrably unique.

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