1939 Rolls-Royce Hearse

The 25/30 offered Rolls-Royce a smaller, 4 1/4 liter, alternative to the big Phantoms. It was particularly suited to the needs of an urban market where it was impractical to employ the size and speed of the Phantoms. The more compact 25/30 was ideally suited to the narrow streets and lanes of urban Great Britain where it provided Rolls-Royce's clientele with the luxury and accommodations they expected but in a reasonably-sized package. In 1938 the 25/30 was succeeded by the Wraith, essentially the same as the 25/30 except with more advanced independent front suspension. As here, the Wraith also suited a commercial market that served an urban clientele. Bodied by Alpe Saunders, Station Approach, Kew Gardens, Surrey, this beautifully proportioned two-door hearse is the epitome of a professional car. It has a high quality repaint and now presents beautifully in Black with brilliant chrome and Dark Blue leather upholstery in the front compartment. A glass divider window separates the quick from the dead. There is -- presumably for floral tributes -- a large chrome railing around the roof, rollup privacy shades, side hinged rear door for access to the fully-equipped casket compartment and large free-standing Lucas headlights in chromed housings. Wide whitewall tires set off the Black livery with quiet and distinctive dignity. It came to the U.S. from Great Britain a dozen years ago and runs well. Its coachwork design is unusually attractive and is adaptable to many practical, professional and recreational uses.

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