1929 Auburn Biposto Racecar

In an effort to hold down costs and attract more entrants during the Depression sanctioning bodies and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway adopted rules that favored cars powered by production-based engines. The result was a proliferation of entrants and enduring success of many specials builders. Many of them based their cars on the products of the Auburn Automobile Company, known for their performance, reliability and ready availability of both cars and performance parts. This thoughtfully constructed Auburn-based special continues that tradition. Built in recent years it has both an Auburn chassis and an 8-cylinder Auburn drivetrain. Dual Carter downdraft carburetors are fitted for performance and an alloy two-seat body has been constructed that looks great and, to borrow a phrase from Lotus founder Colin Chapman, "adds lightness." Rudge-style center lock wire wheels are fitted and it has a side exhaust that both looks and sounds great. A charismatic, attractive automobile for open road tours and historic racing, it will attract positive attention and admiring glances.

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