1971 Alfa-Romeo 1750

There's a reason "Alfa Romeo" comes up early in any listing of quality, high performance automobiles. Part of it is that alphabetically its right up there after Abarth and A.C., but the other and more important reason is that no manufacturer has a longer, more successful and more respected record of building competitive high performance sports cars than Alfa. Period. As a nationalized company in the Fifties, however, Alfa had to rethink its strategy. The small displacement, dual overhead camshaft Giuliettas and Giulias were the company's response. They were followed by the Duetto Spider in 1966, a Giulia with new Pininfarina coachwork. Its attractions, and Alfa's persistence, were demonstrated when the same basic driveline, chassis and body continued in production until 1992, an unprecedented quarter century. Why? Drive one and you'll know. An Alfa Spider is sentient: it thinks. Its thoughts mirror and even anticipate the desires of its driver. This 1971 1750 Kamm-tail Spider is powered by the 1,779cc 132 horsepower motor.

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