1950 Morgan

Morgan. The name brings images of drivers swathed in oilskin coats, goggles and backwards-turned flat caps dashing through lanes with passengers doing sidecar monkey routines to maintain balance. The traditional Morgan has been a three-wheeler, a peculiarity of the British road tax which imposed confiscatory fees upon the aristocracy's 4-wheel automobiles and let the motorcycle riding artisans and workmen off more lightly. HFS Morgan and his progeny seized upon the imbalance to create three-wheeled automobiles. And thus the Morgan legend was born. At one point in the Depression a complete, running, driving Morgan could be bought for •75. Today that's the price of a mediocre dinner in London but back then an annual income of •100 entitled its recipient to live like a prince. While most surviving Morgan’s are powered by front-mounted vee-twin motorcycle engines, many of the final cars in the three-wheeled range were F-series models built on a Z-beam section frame adapted for 4-wheel layout and powered by side-valve Ford 4-cylinder engines. The F-series Morgan’s were still taxed as motorcycles, much to the joy of their owners. This 1950 F-Series Morgan has all the attributes that make a Morgan one of the most cherished and appreciated of all collector cars: folding windshield, dual aeroscreens for high speed runs, luggage rack, spare tire faired into the rear bodywork, outside exhaust pipe. Finished in Red with Black fenders and Cream wire wheels white Black cloth top, it has a wonderful Smiths chronometric speedometer. It runs and drives well, was displayed at the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance in 1993, looks great and will admit its next owner to the fraternity of Morgan owners, one of the most loyal, enthusiastic and carefree owners' groups in car collecting.

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