1959 Oldsmobile 88

Spectacular. That's the best word to describe this 1959 Oldsmobile Super 88 Convertible. It was a 1988 AACA National First Prize winner and it was obviously done perfectly since today it is still in awesome condition. Power came from Oldsmobile's 394 cubic inch Rocket V8 with a single four-barrel carburetor giving it 315 horsepower. As the top of the line model it is appropriately loaded with accessories, options and conveniences including automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, power top, clock, radio, full wheel covers and wide whitewalls. It comes with a service manual, sales brochure, dealer's color chart and magazine articles, too. It is huge, immense, and stupendously large as Bill Mitchell and Harley Earl went to great lengths using every artifice and cue in their immense experience to make it look even larger, particularly the carefully placed two-tone area at the rear of the body which emphasized the acres of rear deck. The 1959 Oldsmobile looks like it is going fast while it's standing still and it creates the same impression viewed from front or rear. The dashboard and instrument panel are as elaborate as anything every built in Detroit (or in the Wurlitzer juke box factory for that matter.) Only 4,895 Super 88 Convertibles were built, well under 5% of Oldsmobile's 1959 production. This one, even twenty years after it was restored, still stands tall and its history indicates it will stay that way for years to come. It is one impressive automobile, one of the paragons of Fifties American car glitz, glimmer and extravagance.

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