1931 Ford Model A Wrecker

This AA Ford was restored by the proprietor of Herman's Garage in Middletown, Pennsylvania with a correct, period hand-cranked Weaver Auto Crane boom built by the Weaver Mfg. Co. in Springfield, Illinois. This was how wrecked or inoperable vehicles were moved in the Thirties, and it still runs, drives and tows exactly as it did back then. The car is finished in Dark Green with Black fenders and "Herman's Garage" writ large upon its doors (along with Herman's current phone number, but without an area code -- which didn't exist seventy-five years ago.) Its restoration and presentation earned an AACA Senior National First Prize back in 1986 and it is still in great running, driving and showing condition having led a sheltered life on display since then. The Ford four drives through a 4-speed gearbox with ultra-low first gear known as a "Granny Gear" for its leisurely speed but immense pulling power. The hand-cranked boom has two shafts, high speed for moving the hook quickly and low for raising the load. It is a blast to drive, particularly among collectors, who keep waiting for their pride-and-joy to be snatched up on the hook and towed away. This is a great running, driving, enthusiast's truck, correct in every respect. If it isn't "unique" it is so close that it might as well be. Ask about a package price with the Model T Roadster Pickup with which it was displayed for years.

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