1936 Mack Junior Firetruck

Built by Reo and sold through the Mack organization with Mack identification, the Mack Junior is one of the most collectible of all light trucks. They are extremely rare, and even more rare and desirable in fully configured fire truck form like this beautifully restored 1936 Open Cab Pumper. The level of detail in its restoration evidences the hand of a real fire truck professional and it is simply gorgeous. It is lavishly equipped with a hose reel, ladders, axe, siren, bell and fire extinguisher, seats two on the front seat and has room for a den or two of Cub Scouts in the back. It runs extremely well and has great appeal. Perhaps best of all, it is under 20 feet long and not tall. It takes up less storage space than a 60's Cadillac and is not a challenge to drive or maneuver, rare attributes in classic fire apparatus, particularly pieces as comprehensively equipped as this.

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