1915 Milburn

Recent interest in modern electric and hybrid vehicles has accelerated collectors' interest in the original electric vehicles like this Milburn. The Milburn Wagon Company in Toledo, Ohio began electric car and delivery vehicle production in 1915. Milburn called its Light Electric a Brougham on account of its two rear-facing seats at the front of the cab. Tiller steered, Milburn's claim to fame was its battery rack, which slid out as a unit to allow a set of discharged batteries to be replaced instantly with a freshly-charged set. The Milburn's interior appointments include window curtains and bud vases, reflecting its popularity with ladies of refinement. This example is finished in two shades of Blue with Red coachlining and complementary Blue-Grey cloth upholstery. Unlike many antique electrics, it is fully operational, with a set of modern deep discharge batteries and an onboard golf cart type charger. Its swoopy fenders look much the same front and back, making it hard to tell if it's going forward or backward, which is appropriate for an electric which has a top speed of about 19 mph in either direction. Have fun while reducing your carbon footprint.

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