1988 Lamborghini Countach

The Countach 5000S really needs no introduction beyond its specifications: mid-mounted 5,167cc (315 cubic inch) 60 degree 4-valve per cylinder, 4 camshaft aluminum V12 engine making 420 horsepower at 7000 rpm with fully independent suspension, five speed transaxle and weighing under 3,200 pounds, only 7.6 pounds per horsepower. In Italian "Countach!" is an exclamation akin to "Holy Smokes" in American and that sums up the effect of the Countach, from its neck-stretching performance to its fantastic Marcello Gandini coachwork with front hinged doors that have inspired a generation of imitators. Production ended in 1989 and this late example came out of a prominent Colorado collection composed of high quality competition cars in which it was professionally maintained ready for instant use. A new clutch has just been installed. Its odometer shows only 4,874 km and it is in essentially like new condition throughout. Finished in Black over Black leather with Gold wheels mounting Pirelli P7 tires, it has led a pampered life. Nearly twenty years after it was built it is still a startling, exciting, outrageous statement, the ultimate in high performance supercars.

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