1974 Lotus Europa

The Lotus Twin Cam Special is the ultimate expression of Colin Chapman's brilliant Europa concept. Previous Europas relied on the signature light weight of all Lotus cars to deliver exceptional performance with diminutive engines. The TC Special was powered by a 126 horsepower "Big Valve" 1,558cc Lotus Twin Cam engine and had a 5-speed transaxle. It still benefited from Lotus's feather light construction, weighing only 1,570 pounds, but now had sufficient power to elevate its performance into the supercar ranks. This example is in sharp, clean, unraced and unmodified condition, in Lotus Yellow with Black interior and rides on the original Lotus wheels. Its handling will make twisty roads seem straight; its acceleration will embarrass most Muscle Cars. It is one of the most rare and desirable of all Lotus road cars.

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