1910 Ford Model T Firetruck

Henry Ford's Model T came in almost endless variations, all based on its remarkable reliability, strength, simplicity and economy. Henry designed it to be maintained and repaired by a mechanically-inclined farmhand and its success proved the value of his concept over and over again. This diminutive "Fire Tender" was no doubt intended as an early response vehicle, ready to be driven by any fireman on duty to rush to the scene of a conflagration to save lives and stabilize the scene until larger equipment could arrive. It is loaded with tanks, hoses, extinguishers, brass accoutrements and even an acetylene generator for the brass E&J headlights and large spotlight. There is of course a bell and hand cranked siren. Its history is unknown, but it has a plaque from the 1982 Imperial Palace Auto Run. Its condition is very good throughout and it needs nothing to enliven a parade, display or firemen's muster. Unlike most fire equipment it is tiny. No larger than a Model T Touring Car, it will fit comfortably in any garage.

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