1963 Buick Riviera

The Buick Riviera was one of the first designs created entirely under Bill Mitchell's leadership of GM Styling and it was dramatically different, emphasizing subtle surface development and sharp creases with a minimum of bright metal trim. The Riviera on offer here has been carefully maintained and thoughtfully restored to nearly like new condition. It is brilliantly repainted in a particularly attractive deep, lustrous, sparkling Sapphire Blue that dramatically complements the Riviera's clean, refreshing, unique design. It is complemented by a quality interior in White leather. Loaded with all the luxury features that every Buick Riviera offered, it also has a pair of trumpet horns mounted under its hood, simulated wire wheel covers and a liquid-filled compass mounted on its instrument panel. It runs extremely well and has been shown extensively throughout the Midwest during 20 years ownership by its prior owner. A milestone in Detroit design, first generation Buick Rivieras like this are rare, desirable automobiles that combine elegant design with luxury, reliability and convenience.

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