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Brief History on Ferrari

In 1929 Enzo Ferrari founded Scuderia Ferrari, an extension Alfa Romeo’s racing effort. In memory of a friend killed in WWI, Enzo chose the prancing horse as a symbol of his team. In 1937 Scuderia Ferrari was dissolved and Ferrari returned to Alfa’s racing team. After the war, Ferrari decided to start making cars bearing his own name and founded Ferrari S.p.A. in 1947.

Ferrari 125 S

The 125 S further evolved and between 1948 and 1953 Ferrari produced the Ferrari 166 S. Similarly to the 125 S, the 166 S had the same wheelbase of 2420 mm. The now familiar Colombo V12 engine was further refined. The single overhead cramshaft remained but the engine displacements was increased to 2.0 L which resulted to a better and greater output. The Ferrari 166 S won the Targa Florio in 1948.

Ferrari 166 S

Ferrari first race car, the 125, evolved into the 166 which would deliver the first significant victory for the Ferrari brand, the 1948 Targa Florio. Further down the line came the Ferrari 166 Inter, which was Ferrari’s first true grand tourer. Customer sales of the 166 Inter models were the first Ferraris to be purchased for the road rather than the racetrack. As was typical at the time, a bare chassis was delivered to the coachbuilder of the customer’s choice. Majority used coachwork by Touring, however, Carrozzeria Ghia,Stabilimenti Farina, Bertone, as well asVignale provided elegant and sporting coachwork on the 166 chassis.

Ferrari 195 Inter

In 1950 the 166 Inter was replaced with the 195 Inter, yet another sports car produced by Ferrari. The 195 Inter debuted on the 1950 Paris Motor Show as a Grand Tourer (GT) and was marketed for the same clientele as the 166 S. However, unlike the 166 Inter, the 195 Inter had a slightly larger wheelbase (increased by 3.1 inches) and the instead of the Colombo V12 2.0 L engine, now had the Colombo V12 2.3 L engine. Only 28 units were ever made.

Ferrari 212 Inter

Unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show in 1951, the 212 was an evolution of the 166. A sports car for the road that could also win international races, two 212 Inters, both Vignale coupés, scored 1-2 victory at Carrera Panamericana in Mexico that same year. Ferrari made two version of the 212, the Inter with a 102-inch wheelbase) and he Export (with a 98-inch wheelbase). The British magazine Autocar tested an early production Ferrari 212 which outperformed any car that they had previously tested.[4] It recorded a top speed of over 116 mph and acceleration times of 0 to 60 mph in 10.5 seconds – extraordinary performance for the time.

Ferrari 250

A series of sports cars and grand tourers built by Ferrari from 1952 to 1964, they comprise the company’s most collectable cars.The 250 series includes many variants designed for road use or sports car racing but common to all is their use of a 3.0 L (2,953 cc) V12 enginedesigned by Gioacchino Colombo. Among the most notable is the racing 250 Testa Rossa, one of the most successful Ferrari racing cars, with three wins at Le Mans and four wins at Sebring.

Another car in this is the 250 GTO was produced from 1962 to 1964 for homologation into the FIA’s Group 3 Grand Touring Car category. Some of the most expensive and sought-after collector cars, the GTO is often noted among the greatest sports cars of all time and the greatest Ferrari.

One of the most notable GT racers of its time, the 250 GT Berlinetta SWB used a short (94.5 in)wheelbase for better handling. Of the 176 examples built for road and racing use, most wear steel bodies with a select few bodied in aluminum. Engine output ranged from 237 hp276 hp.

The last variate of legendary 250 series was the road going 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso. Introduced at the 1962 Paris show, the car had flowing lines designed by Sergio Pininfarina and built by Scaglietti. Famous owners of this iconic car include movie star Steve McQueen and rock n’ roll icon Eric Clapton.

Enzo Ferrari lived seventy years, passing away in 1988. The legendary Ferrari brand continues today with highly sought-after street cars, limited edition performance cars, and Formula 1 racecars.

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