1932 Nash 998 Phaeton

Founded in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Nash Motors Company is perhaps best known for its basic, economical yet quirky products from the post-war era such as the aerodynamically designed Airflyte models, the cheeky Austin-powered Metropolitan, and the Rambler economy car. While much is written about the Nash-Kelvinator and American Motors days, the days of Nash as an independent manufacturer are perhaps more interesting.

Nash was formed when Charles W. Nash, former president of General Motors, left GM and took over Jeffrey Motor Co. in 1916. While he established himself, production of the Jeffrey continued until 1918 when the first proper Nash was introduced. The six-cylinder, mid-priced car was very well built, albeit relatively conventional. Far nicer than a Chevrolet or Ford, Nash was more on par with the likes of Buick, Auburn, and even entry-level Packards in terms of quality. During World War I, Nash workers were heavily occupied with the construction of four-wheel-drive trucks used by the US Military, though automobile production continued, and sales grew steadily into the next decade.

By the middle of the 1920s, Nash had become widely respected, particularly in export markets, helped in large part by the smooth and powerful “Special Six” and range-topping “Advanced Six” models. For the 1930 season, Nash introduced its first eight-cylinder engine. Two years later, the Series 990 (predecessor to the Advanced Eight) became a standalone model range offered in a wide range of body styles. Available on a 124-inch to 133-inch chassis, the prestigious new Series 990 was powered by Nash’s own 125 hp, 298.6 cubic inches (4.9 L) overhead valve, twin-ignition straight eight. Even in the face of the Great Depression, Charles Nash’s careful management (and some would say creative accounting) allowed Nash to be the only other American automobile manufacturer aside from GM to turn a profit in 1932. The Series 990 was lavishly equipped and beautifully constructed, earning them the nickname “the Kenosha Duesenberg”. Thanks in large part to that exceptional quality and understated elegance, a number of royal families around the globe found favor with Nash, including Prince William of Sweden, King Carol II of Romania, and Queen Alexandrine of Denmark.

This 1932 Nash 998 Phaeton is a wonderful example of the sophisticated design and value that Nash provided, qualities that along with Charlie Nash’s good management resulted in Nash being the only automaker other than General Motors to post a profit in 1932. It received a complete ground up, nut and bolt restoration several years ago in its very tasty livery of chocolate and toffee complemented by a caramel leather interior. The Phaeton coachwork is especially attractive on the long 133” wheelbase and is accompanied by a body color luggage trunk at the rear. The car also features dual enclosed sidemount spares, chrome wire wheels, and blackwall tires.

The interior of this 998 Phaeton has been restored to be equally impressive, with an Art Deco-style dashboard that is sophisticated and timeless. The leather seats are in wonderful condition, with just the slightest hint of patina that is so inviting. The rear is spacious, featuring a separate folding windshield for rear passengers, while the folding jump seats can easily be converted to accommodate two additional passengers. The car comes with extensive receipts, photos, repair manual, top boot, and numerous papers and letters documenting the restoration.

As a Twin-Ignition Eight, it is one of the largest and most lavish Nashes of the period, having a presence closer to that of a large Packard than to that of a Nash, and is powered by the 115 horsepower 298 cubic inch straight-eight. An astute collector had this car thoroughly restored in France where it was shown and toured on the European scene before coming back to the United States. Today it remains in splendid condition.

A large, sophisticated, luxurious, and gorgeous automobile, this exquisite Nash exemplifies why the Twin-Ignition Eights are gaining more and more respect among discerning collectors. It offers the same presence and level of style as cars costing much more.


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