1934 Packard Twelve Coupe Roadster

Packard's Eleventh Series models of 1934 stand as enduring symbols of American automotive excellence during the Classic Era. Among them, the Twelve shines as the company's pinnacle offering, boasting the remarkable V12 engine that made its debut in 1932. This modified L-head design, displacing 445.5 cubic inches, delivered 160 horsepower—a powerplant known for its exceptional refinement, quietness, and smooth performance. It resided beneath an impressively lengthy hood, culminating in a vee’d radiator shell flanked by headlights featuring matching subtly vee’d headlamp lenses. The overall aesthetic exuded classic elegance and old-world grandeur, yet with a distinct performance edge—a testament to Packard's pursuit of excellence.

The body designs for the Twelve were impeccably crafted and thoughtfully tailored. Among the standout factory body styles was the Coupe Roadster, a striking creation derived from a custom convertible coupe design originally envisioned by the legendary Raymond Dietrich for LeBaron on the 1931 845 chassis. Adapted to the 143-inch-wheelbase 1107 Twelve frame, this design translated seamlessly to the factory-built version. It featured a relatively low windshield, close-coupled doors, and a particularly noteworthy top design that folded almost flush with the rear deck.

The 1107 Twelve Coupe Roadster was memorably featured in "Ask!," one of the most iconic color advertisements of the era. The tagline, inspired by Packard's longstanding slogan, “Ask the Man Who Owns One.”  urged, "Notice that, in appearance, this car is unmistakably a Packard—with the famous identifying lines that make Packard America’s most distinctive car. Then drive this Packard and ask it to do everything you would like a fine car to do."

While this car's early history is not known, a reproduction vehicle number tag suggests it was first sold in Springfield, Massachusetts, on April 2, 1934. In the early 1980s, it was acquired as an incomplete project by the renowned restorer and Pennsylvania native Chris Charlton, celebrated for his victories at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and other prestigious events nationwide. After a decade of collecting the necessary parts needed and completing the chassis restoration, Charlton sold the project to the late and well-known enthusiast Phil Bray of Michigan. Bray subsequently entrusted the project to Lonnie Fallin of Colorado, a longtime CCCA member known for his Packard expertise and restoration prowess. Over the course of two years, Mr. Fallin performed a meticulous restoration to bring the car to its current exceptional state.

The magnificent V12 engine received expert attention from David Dunbar, who made subtle enhancements for improved touring reliability, including Arias pistons, moly rings, modern insert bearings, and other refinements. A Phil Hill 3.58:1 high-speed rear end was installed, enabling the car to cruise effortlessly at modern road speeds. Bodywork was masterfully handled by Stan Francis of Howard, Colorado, with assistance from Gene Irvine, who supplied new body wood. The final body preparation and paintwork were executed by the well-regarded Colorado shop Color on Wheels, while Auto Weave Upholstery handled the interior. Factory photographs served as references to accurately recreate the pinstriping and stitch patterns, ensuring authenticity and precision throughout the restoration.

Upon completion, the car achieved Senior Premier status in CCCA National judging, including a perfect 100-point score at the 1994 Rocky Mountain Grand Classic. It also earned a class award at the Packard Experience in Hickory Corners, Michigan. Additionally, it found success in AACA competition, receiving the national Joseph Parkin Award as the finest Packard exhibited in its division in 1994. It continued to be well-maintained in superb condition and was, accordingly, exhibited at the 2002 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The panels align beautifully, and the interior, particularly the magnificent woodgrain trim, appears nearly immaculate. The car comes with its AACA award badges from Mr. Fallin’s ownership, and the CCCA badges remain affixed to the car. A small selection of restoration photographs further attests to the thoroughness of the work.

This Packard Twelve stands as an ideal candidate for concours competition or participation in prestigious touring events, including the CCCA’s renowned long-distance CARavans. It epitomizes the elegance of the Classic Era's twelve-cylinder Packards, meticulously restored and cared for by enthusiasts who share a deep appreciation for these exceptional automobiles. With its exceptional restoration, it not only upholds the storied Packard name but also embodies the aspirations of discerning collectors. It beckons those who seek the very best in American automotive craftsmanship.

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