1930 Cadillac 353 Coupe

By the teens, Cadillac was known not only as a luxury car brand but also as a practitioner of precision engineering, and an early adopter of new and advanced technology. In 1908 Cadillac had won the Royal Automobile Club’s Dewar Trophy after three new Cadillacs were disassembled and put back together with a mix of components from the other cars, and including some factory replacement parts, followed by a 500 mile test. GM’s flagship marque also led the way when engineer Charles Kettering invented the self-starter in 1912. Without a need to hand crank automobiles, internal combustion automobiles could now appeal to a broader segment of customers, including women and the elderly, who had previously favored electrics. Then, there was the V-8 engine: Cadillac may not have invented the V-8 but was the first to successfully produce it in large numbers following the company announcing it in September 1914.

Cadillac continued to champion the use of the L-head, 90-degree V-8, relying on it solely until January 1930 when the Series 452 came along with the company’s new V-16 engine, followed by the V-12 powered Series 370 in September of the same year. But that didn’t mean that the V-8 was abandoned; it still remained Cadillac’s bread-and-butter engine. However, by the time Cadillac introduced the Series 353 in September 1928, it had grown from the original 70 horsepower 314cid unit introduced 1914, to a 353cid engine producing 95 horsepower.

The Series 353 was based on a sturdy cross-braced ladder frame with a beam axle up front and a fully floating rear axle. Longitudinal leaf springs were fitted at all corners, as were Delco double-acting shock absorbers. Power was sent to the rear wheels by way of a smooth-shifting, synchronized three-speed manual transmission. The Series 353 came standard with wooden artillery wheels, although steel or wire wheels were available at additional cost.

Cadillac offered seven standard bodies from Fisher, and an even larger range of custom bodies and variations from Fleetwood. This lovely 1930 V-8 Cadillac was delivered new with Fisher Style Number 30158, which is listed as a 2/4-passenger coupe body. That meant that two passengers sat inside the car and that — weather permitting— two more could be perched over the rear axle in a rumble seat. Just forward of the rumble seat, there was even a compartment designed to hold a full set of golf clubs. Like all the bodies offered on the Series 353 chassis, the beautifully-proportioned coupe was glazed with safety glass.

Restored some years ago, the body is finished in claret red with black fenders, gray coach lines, and wire wheels. The fixed roof is covered in a period correct black vinyl fabric. The opulent interior is trimmed in grey wool fabric, while the rumble seat is upholstered in leather. A glossy black instrument panel sits forward of the large steering wheel and houses six elegantly detailed instruments, which include a clock, speedometer with odometer, ammeter, water temperature, oil pressure and fuel level gauges.

This lovely Cadillac remains an extremely attractive car inside and out. Equipped with chrome radiator stone guard, goddess mascot, dual side mounts, a pair of Trippe driving lights, and a folding rear luggage rack, it is nicely accessorized and highly appealing. Although there are a few small blemishes in the paint and the chrome shows very minor pitting in some places, the interior and rumble seat upholstery appear remarkably fresh and crisp. Additionally, the engine bay is well detailed with black enamel manifolds and spark plug covers. The car is in very good mechanical order, with the smooth, powerful V8 pairing nicely with a well-sorted chassis.

This elegant Cadillac is a Classic Car Club of America Full Classic, and is ideal for participation on their CARavan® tours and show events, where the power, refinement, and prestige can be enjoyed to the fullest.

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